Residential Program Statistics

We’re currently compiling the 2015 statistics for our residential programs and they should be available by mid-September. If you’re interested in our yearly statistics, check back frequently. As soon as our stats are available, a link will appear below. Thank you for your interest.

Got Questions?

Sometimes you just need a little more information. If you’re looking for answers, take a peek at some of the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ section. Everything from court needs to employer services are at your fingertips.

Residential Programs

Lenawee Development Corp. offers 2 types of residential programs for offenders – the Work Release Program as a jail alternative and community placement for Prisoner Reentry.

Court Services

Courts and their agents have very specific needs when it comes to offender requirements. Lenawee Development Corp. offers pre-trial, probation, and residential services.

Public Services

Pre-employment drug screening, IdentoGO live scan fingerprinting, and alcohol testing are just a few of the services that Lenawee Development Corp. offers to the public.