About Us


The mission of Lenawee Development Corporation is to assist offenders in becoming productive citizens, dependable workers, responsible parents and family members, while paying their debt to society. Building a safer society by helping offenders to rebuild a successful life for themselves and their families and reduce recidivism.


Lenawee Development Corporation was founded in 2001. Initially, the company was designed as a work release program to provide an alternative to jail to offenders that had non-violent crimes. This would allow the offender to remain employed while incarcerated and retain stable employment after incarceration. The thought process behind this is that post incarceration stable employment would assist in lowering the recidivism rate as offenders would not have to return to a life of crime to provide for themselves and their families. In 2007, the company began working with Prisoner Reentery (formerly Michigan Prisoner Re-entry Initiative (MPRI)) to provide recently paroled prisoners a safe and monitored place to live. This program assists parolees with transitioning back into society from an institutional environment. In conjunction with the parole department, the company provides services that help the parolee adjust to their newly found freedom while staying drug free and alcohol free. This structured environment offers them a way to find employment and provide for themselves while reducing of the risk of recidivism.

Our Facility:

Lenawee Development Corporation is a residential program with a 6000 sq. ft. facility that has the capacity to hold 40 residents. There is an 1800 sq. ft. fenced recreation area that includes an area for basketball. Our facility houses both male and female residents in separate wings. There are 4 rooms for males with a total of 42 beds and 2 rooms for women with a total of 8 beds. Males have 2 common areas and females have 1 common area. The men’s restroom has 2 stalls, 2 urinals, and 4 showers, the women’s restroom has 1 stall and 1 shower. We have a kitchenette that all residents can use to prepare and make meals. The facility is under 24 hour security surveillance in all areas.