Work Release Program:

The Work Release Program is a residental program for adults. Each resident is sentenced by a Michigan court, most as an alternative to jail, and as a condition of their probation. Each resident has the opportunity to correct the problems in their life. These problems usually involve substance abuse, lack of employment and/or the way they think. While in this program, the residents will be administered breathylizers whenever they leave and return to the facility. They will also be administed drug tests based on the judge’s / probation officer’s order. This program will allow those that are employed to retain their employment durning and after their sentence. They will be allowed to leave the facility for a maximum of 12 hours a day, 6 days a week unless otherwise directed by their probation officer. The residents will only be allowed out for work or court unless a probation officer approves other reasons (i.e. AA, NA, community service, counseling, ect.). The cost of this program is $30 a day. When the resident arrives for intake, they will need to have the intake fee of $35.00 and payment for a week’s stay ($210.00) when they check in for a total of $245.00. Please see the following for additional information:

Michigan Department of Corrections

Prisoner Reentry Placement:

“The mission of Prisoner Reentry is to enhance public safety by reducing offender recidivism through a seamless plan of services and supervision, delivered through state and local collaboration. This plan will be developed with each prisoner from the time of his or her entry into the prison system through parole and reintegration into the community.”1

“The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) envisions the placement of an offender into the community as a carefully planned process. It is guided by a Transition Accountability Plan (TAP/Case Plan) which provides the prisoner with a course of learning, upon incarceration, and is meant to prepare him or her for a legally and socially acceptable adjustment to life in the community by the time they have completed the minimum term of imprisonment ordered by the court. Supported by experienced professionals in the public and private sectors before, during, and after release from incarceration, the prisoner will have the tools necessary to prepare him or herself for parole. And, following parole, the offender will have the resources and guidance necessary to support successful community adjustment.”1

Lenawee Development Corporation works with the Michigan Department of Corrections to provide recently paroled prisoners a safe and monitored place to live. This program assists parolees with transitioning back into society from an institutional environment. In conjunction with the Lenawee County parole department, the company provides services that help the parolee adjust to their newly found freedom while staying drug free and alcohol free. This structured environment offers them a way to find employment and provide for themselves while reducing of the risk of recidivism. Please see the following for additional information: